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Hyperion Gray

Web 3.0

Web 3.0 is an entirely new way to look at the internet.

As things stand today, internet users can’t really see what what a page is actually supposed to look like. Instead we have to infer the internet's structure by trying to piece it all together using flat lists on flat screens into some kind of coherient whole. Future generations may well call us flatlanders. The web has grown exponentially and I beleve, very soon, we will have a new version to embrace and soon we will be able to see the richness around us.

Those that find web 3.0 will understand and those that don’t will remain in the dark.

Unleash the next generation of web application visualization and security flaw detection.

Out web 3.0 visualizer is a collaboration between Trinary Software and Hyperion Gray.


We have developed a completely new way of visualizing, in 3D, how massive Numbers of web applications across the Internet are interconnected.

This visualization engine provides a simple yet beautiful view of web applications and their vast, sprawling interconnections, all the while incorporating web application vulnerabilities into the visual metadata.

In our current version of the internet we build sites without truly understanding the structure. We need more context. The internet is HUGE and growing, no one person can keep track of it all. That’s why the only way to visualize that much data is in three dimensions.

Web 3.0

Make a personalized map of your unique corner of the internet and display that map in a clear and intuitive way.  A better way to visualize your websites.

For website developers, it will allow you to see who you are linking to, who links to you, and to easily visualize not only how your site looks now, but also how it develops over time.